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Congress Gets Richer While Unemployment Stays at Record Highs

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Congress Gets Richer When I read this article, it made me want to throw something. I am not usually the type to act out but reading this was maddening. Now I count myself as one of those fortunate not to have lost their job in the past year and a half ( as the unemployment rate still stands at 9.6% ). For that, I am very grateful, however there were sacrifices including a wage freeze. It seems that things are slowly improving and the worst is behind us. According to what I have read, we all were not subjected to the stress of recession.

Many of our elected officials were accumulating sums of wealth north of 10 million dollars. Moreover, those were the poor ones as eight congressional representatives actually report a wealth of 100 million dollars or more. These same members have their full health care paid for themselves, and their family and their children's family until the day they die while employed and through retirement as well as long as they meet several requirements. And their spouse and dependents continue to have access to the healthcare as long as certain requirements have been met. Maybe it is just me but if you are worth 100 million dollars why am I paying your healthcare. In fact, it says their annual salary is $175,000. In addition to this is the fact that all their travel expenses are paid, their healthcare as mentioned and I am sure many other benefits that taxpayers are financing.

Usually I do not get upset about such things because I am an adult and mature enough to understand that someone is always going to make more than me or have different benefits. In the private sector, this is fine but my taxes are paying for these benefits. My taxes continue to increase as I struggle more and more to care for my family so someone who is worth more today than most of us will earn in our lifetime can have free healthcare and other benefits is very frustrating. It seems that we could start cutting down on the size of Government by cutting these "Cadillac" benefits and putting the money back in to the pockets of hard working tax payers. How can we expect to be represented when they live in the one percent of earners? Civil service here I come.


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