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Rewards Checking AccountsAs promised one of my goals for FasLip is to provide us the tools for building wealth. This means that we have the tools to maximize every hard earned dollar. It is tax time and maybe you are getting some money back. I am sure you have earmarked part or all of these funds. Before committing to these plans please review the following information. Especially if you do not have an emergency fund. Maybe you are aware or may you are not but interest rates for saving money right now is low.

If you are looking for a loan they are great, but if you are looking to save it is a different story. However, these reward checking accounts buck the trend. They give you a better than average rate for some small monthly commitments. If you do not meet these requirements you simply get a lower rate.

  No fee, no penalty, no charge, unusual considering how we are abused by the larger commercial institutions. In fact, you still earn interest, it is just not the higher premium rate when you meet the qualifications. As I said they all have specific requirements. However, most consumers should not struggle to meet them and the reward is worth the effort.

For example, Pickens requires 10 MasterCard Debit Charges, 1 Automatic Bill Pay or ACH transfer deposit and sign up for electronic statements. Please click REQUIREMENTS next to each bank to see the details on the banks web page. 1 - Community Bank of Pickens County 5.01 % - REQUIREMENTS 2 - Charter Bank 5.01 % - REQUIREMENTS 3 - Focus Bank 4.51 % - REQUIREMENTS 4 - First Federal Bank 4.50 % - REQUIREMENTS Matt ( Update to )

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